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A Splendid Way of Life by Dan

A Splendid Way of Life by Dan

With all the craziness of holidays being done it feels like everything is back on regular schedule – like Music with Allen Timmons each week.

Hmm, just that there’s S.N.O.W. No matter. Keep on being positive! Our employees are devoted to helping. Our neighbors in Great Barrington, Massachusetts: Isn’t it cool? Anyway, I  just love keeping people happy!

ExtraSpecialTeas is up up and doing great! Enjoy life is what might be the thing that matters most. Take it easy, everyone!

Dan is one of our ExtraSpecial servers. He likes to write blog posts, photograph and video. He helped take pictures for our online store (to open soon!).

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  • January 18, 2018 By Ed Hotaling 6:13 pm

    Dan always brightens my day when I walk in the door. Not only is he one of the best counterpeople I know, but he’s also a great person who always has something positive to say!

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