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Dan Survey: What Makes You Happy?

Dan Survey: What Makes You Happy?

by Dan Lee Waite, ExtraSpecialServer, Writer, Lover of Music, not related to Bruce Lee

Hey there! Everything here is perfect in our fine establishment – ExtraSpecialTeas in Great Barrington, MA. We try to make your visit as pleasing as ever.

Guess what?! There’s a holiday coming up – Labor Day. Be prepared to celebrate however you please. If it is scorching hot or close to it, feel free to stop in the tea shop for a refreshing cool beverage.

Now I call a survey! Okay here it goes:

What makes you feel enlightened in your day? The things that make you happy?

Let us know! [Editor’s Note: We’ll do this survey on Instagram Stories. Or please feel free to reply. :>)]

Enjoy your summer while it lasts!

Yours sincerely, Daniel Lee Waite (no relation to Bruce Lee)   

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