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ExtraSpecial Gift Cards Make a Great Holiday Gift!

ExtraSpecial Gift Cards Make a Great Holiday Gift!

You’re not stressing about holiday gifts yet but you kind of are, right? And what to do when EVERYONE on your list has been nice?

  • Mrs. Phillips – the nicest 2nd-grade teacher EVER
  • Great Aunt Florence
  • Your yoga instructor
  • 14-year old Tara who’s hard to buy for these days
  • Your BFF

What’s the perfect gift? An ExtraSpecialTeas Gift Card! Put on $10 or $100 – it’s up to you. You can come into ExtraSpecialTeas at 2 Elm in Great Barrington, MA OR you can purchase online through our ExtraSpecialShop (so easy!). Just make sure to specify the amount.

We want your Best Friend Forever and your Great Aunt Flo to be part of our inclusive community. We want everyone to come have a cup of tea. Or a bubble tea. Or an iced tea. AND a gluten-free treat too.

Happy Holidays!

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