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Mosey Over to ExtraSpecial Teas Now & For The Holidays

Mosey Over to ExtraSpecial Teas Now & For The Holidays

By Dan Waite

With our employees doing their jobs fantastically, the tea house is making huge progress! We have more projects coming to spread holiday cheer. Honestly, it was just last week our participants made gift baskets of our products. Of course, that includes soaps, candles and…Bath Brews. [Get your shop on here!]

If anyone moseys into our business during that grandest time of sprit, there will be lots of gifts to choose from. You may occupy yourselves to purchase bags of our teas. Loose leaf, pouches or big bags to make up as  presents for your friends and family to enjoy them in pure love of that heavenly aroma. See you guys later in my upcoming blogs.    

Editor’s Note: Dan just celebrated his birthday! Happy Birthday, DAN!

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