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New Teas in the House!

New Teas in the House!

You know that we have over 50 loose leaf teas at ExtraSpecialTeas, right? Like with any product, some teas come and some teas go. The good news is that we have several new teas that have come to brew and stay. Whether you favor hot, iced or bubble tea, there’s more than one amazing new tea you should try.

Here’s a snapshot of the new teas in the teahouse (here’s the full tea menu for your review – you can always find the tea menu, bubble tea menu, and gluten-free bakes menu here at extraspecialteas.com):

Tiesta Teas

Black Thai Tropical [Papaya Citrus Black Tea] apple pieces + black tea + papaya pieces + mango pieces + orange slices + orange peel + pomegranate bits + natural flavors + marigold petals.

Citrus Sunburst [Tropical Citrus Fruit Tea] apple pieces + papaya bits + hibiscus + orange slices + natural flavors + pomegranate bits + safflowers.

Mango Dreamzzz [Mango Chamomile Herbal Tea] chamomile + mango pieces + lemon grass + orange peel + orange blossoms + natural flavors + cornflowers.

Peachy Keen [Peach Rose White Tea] white tea + peach bits + moringa leaes + rosebuds + natural flavors.

Palm Beach Punch [Fruit Punch Herbal Tea] apple pieces + hibiscus + carrots + orange slices + lemongrass + eucalyptus + beetroot + natural flavors + sweet blackberry leaves. (Doesn’t this seem like a perfect summer bubble tea option?)

Pineapple Blues [Blueberry Pineapple Green Tea] green tea + pineapple bits + papaya bits + elderberries + beet root + natural flavors + cornflowers + safflowers.

Little Red Cup

Yunnan Black – Our Yunnan Black (滇紅茶) hails from Lincang, a stone’s throw from Burma and home to some of the oldest cultivated tea in the world. Hand picked and tightly rolled, the golden tipped leaves produce a deep amber brew — with light notes of grapes and honey. An instant classic.

No. Six Depot

Earl Grey – A beautiful blend of fine Indian black teas, scented with oil extracted from the rind of the Italian bergamot orange. Renowned for its citrus fragrance and light fresh taste, Earl Grey is a total classic.

Witches Brew – A beautiful herbal tisane, wonderful iced or hot with a touch of honey. Very high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Contains: hibiscus, blackberry leaves, orange peels, apples and sunflower. Witches Brew isn’t for Halloween – it’s for today!

Come in with a friend today and try a couple of our new teas. They’ll all tea-licious!

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