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Come to Our Housatonic Grand Opening!

Come to Our Housatonic Grand Opening!

It is Now Spring: Quite Good! By Dan Waite


Attention friends! It is now spring quite good i think. our Housatonic grand opening is pending.  everyone is so excited to play part in the happiest thing to occur. hope those in our neighborhood turn up at the opening in the Housatonic branch of our business!


We’re doing things to improve our minds here at extraspecialteas. yep, me included. I am taking a computer class and I have been totally enthralled by it. I have never been more pleased. everything’s perfect.


Please see us if available. bless you everyone I truly mean it in my heart.


Note from Editor: Great blog post, Dan! Our second teahouse’s official grand opening is Saturday, April 16 from 11 – 3 at 226 Pleasant St., Housatonic, MA. We’re also celebrating our 6th year as a non-profit providing vocational training ExtraSpecial young adults. More details here.

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