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-Cherri and Scott Sanes

Founders of ExtraSpecialTeas

Hi! I’m Cherri Sanes, and through my passion to create an inclusive environment for our son challenged by special needs and others like him, we developed ExtraSpecialTeas, to empower them all to serve their community through the world of tea.

I’m so grateful to have been recognized for my work at ExtraSpecialTeas. Here’s the rest of our story!

We work closely with our participants, their families, guardians and caretakers, shaping the program to their particular needs, helping them focus on their abilities, not their disabilities, to reach their full potential.

Hear it straight from them below!

Our Staff

Cherri Sanes

CoFounder & Executive Director

Cherri has nearly 3 decades of personal experience in the Special Needs Community. Inspired by her son Jache challenged with autism, Cherri wanted him to be included instead of excluded when he aged out of public education. She created ExtraSpecialTeas with passion and unrelenting persistence to make sure special needs adults have a safe nurturing environment to reach their potential.

Alicia Ogaz

Community Based Day Program Director

Alicia has 25 years experience working with special needs children and adults in the public and private sector and we feel fortunate having her with ExtraSpecialTeas from the inception in 2016. Any time we need a new product crafted, she always does incredible research to make sure our products are made from the finest healthiest natural ingredients. Her loving acceptance, patience and cheerful attitude lights up the entire Tea House every day!

Kristen Vorisek

Art Therapist and Vocational Training Program Director

Whether the project involves art or baking gluten free treats, Kristen invites each particpant to shine with her warm smile and supportive nature. Earning her masters in Expressive Therapies/Counseling from Lesley University and a BA in English from Mary Washington College, Kristen has over 20 years experience in human services, particularly with the special needs population. She has created and directed the art therapy and baking program for ExtraSpecialTeas since our inception in 2016.

Jennifer Abbott

Programs Coordinator

DDS of Connecticut was sure fortunate to have Jennifer working as a special education teaching assistant, a supervisor of adult day care programs, and a transition advisor for 34 years. But EST is even more fortunate to have inherited all that experience and an "all around go-getter" for the last 5 years. Jen's guidance and heart of gold helps participants achieve their greatest potential.

Hannah Stanyon

Housatonic Tea House Manager/Tea Blending Director

As a tea enthusiast, Hannah researched and developed our three Signature ExtraSpecialTeas and curated our tea lab. After obtaining a degree in Health Science from Northern Vermont University, she became Certified as a Tea Specialist through the World of Tea Academy. Hannah greets our community with a participant that she trains at her side. She offers a wealth of knowledge of the wonders and benefits of all the Teas we serve along with serving up gluten-free treats and plenty of warmth and smiles.

Ed Hotaling

Transportation and Maintenance Director

Ed had worked with special needs children for many years and now provides the trusted transportation our participants need via our 2 beautiful EST vans for the past 3 years. If there is a door knob loose, a lamp that needs a tweak or our steam heat system that needs to be maintained, you can bet that Ed is handing out some vocational training to a participant while keeping our colorful building and vans in tip top shape. Plus, he's a wonderful teacher and storyteller.

Molleigh Sanes

Great Barrington Tea House Manager

Yes, Molleigh is Scott and Cherri's daughter and Jache's sister! Her nonjudgmental attitude and acceptance and love for her brother from the very start is a real gift to ExtraSpecialTeas and all the other participants. She is a recent graduate of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) with a degree in computer science. Her IT skills have been truly helpful, whether it be assisting the organization with IT issues, enhancing participant's computer skills or creating our newly revamped computerized schedule.

Sara Morandi

Human Resources Director and Human Rights Officer

Sara is a highly skilled teacher, bringing Human Resources experience, EMT-level First Aid/CPR, and MAP Certification to administer medications to participants who might need them. Human Rights are important to EST and to Sara. She has recently become our Human Rights Officer. We share a Human Rights Committee with Oakdale Foundation and Sara works with our Human Rights Coordinator Rachel Kalin regularly throughout the year to further ensure that the rights of our participants are fully safeguarded.


Tiesta Tea

Headquartered in Chicago, Tiesta Tea jumped on board with us well before we opened our doors. They have tirelessly supported us in an advisory role, consistently donated ‘loose change’ [anything to the right of the decimal point on online purchases], honored us at their annual birthday parties in Chicago, plus provided us with some of the most delicious and interesting teas in the world.

Massachusetts DDS

The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services holds our hands and provides us with the support we need for our vocational day program participants. Thank you, DDS! Melissa Guyer and Joe Harrington we are so grateful to both of you!


Karen Ricardelli, MMA

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation Specialist - Canaan, CT

Ashley Whitney

Director of Marketing, Squaregles - Chicago, IL

Paula Aucoin Blagg, MD

Infectious Disease Consultant, Berkshire Health Systems, retired, Mother of Lindsay Blagg - Lenox, Massachusetts

Donna Leep, PhD

Educator and retired school leader, Mother of Dan Waite - Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Ben Hillman

Filmmaker/Director, Ben Hillman & Company - Sheffield, MA

Diane Thorson

Enrollment & Outreach Advisor The Berkshires, MA, Mother of Keira Thorson - Lee, Massachusetts

Jim Cato

Retired Pharmacist, Grandfather to Jache Sanes - Whitney, TX

Dawn Stanyon

Digital Marketing Consulting, Professionality Consulting - Canaan, CT

Ann Odell

Brand Strategist, BB Creative - New York, NY

Scott Sanes

Chairman of the Board, Attorney, Co-Founder of EST, Father of Jache Sanes - Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Cherri Sanes

Clerk, Co-Founder/Executive Director of EST, Mother of Jache Sanes - Great Barrington, Massachusetts


EST is 501(3)c that employs special needs adults paying them at least minimum wage for serving their community in our teahouse as: servers, barristas, craftmakers, content providers, and administrators.

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