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Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Jache and his grandfather packaging TeaBones


As the summer draws to a close and these dog days turn to fall days, treat your special furry friends with our ExtraspecialTeaBones! In celebration of National Dog Day, we are promoting our paw-esome house made Teabones for 15% off: Pumpkin, Blueberry, and Apple alike, these delicious dog treats are the perfect nutrient rich snack for your pooch. Just like you, our participants have so much love for their own Extraspecial pups and adore being a part of the teabone making process! Hear what some of our participants have to say about it!

Sonali…“treat your best friend to homemade teabones because they’re made with love: we don’t make exceptions for doggies.” All of our teabones are made with love by our participants and staff! We’re proud to serve our community and that always includes our puppy pals!

Sonali and Jemma

Dan… “[Teabones] make him feel comfortable and happy, always in thumbs up mode.” Made with all natural ingredients, our teabones are infused with Lavender Chamomile tea: The perfect remedy for any anxiety or hyperactivity! It even helps with digestion! These treats do more than just taste good, they make your pups feel good.

Kim… “My dog loves them. They make him feel happy.” Just like our vast tea selection and our tasty gluten-free menu, our pet designed recipe will just absolutely delight your doggie friend… 

Kim and Sam

Make sure you check out our sale on our website! If you’d rather pay us a visit in person, come on down to one of our tea shops and join us for a pup of tea! We sell our teabones there too! Hope to see you (and your dog) soon!

Kara and Tessie
Happy National Dog Day!!!

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