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Kindness Project by Kristen Vorisek

Kindness Project by Kristen Vorisek

Kindness: it is wonderful to receive, feels good to give, and beautiful to witness. It can spark new friendships, strengthen relationships, and temper conflicts. Even in small doses, kindness is powerful and essential to our human connections.

These past six months have collectively been a challenging time for us all. We have had new uncertainties, adjusted to changing regulations, and coped with a lot of anxiety. We have been riding the waves of change, and through this process, silver linings have emerged. We have learned to connect in new ways, creatively problem solve, and do a lot of thingsdifferently.

We may have come to have a sense of gratitude for what is actually important. For me personally, things that I was concerned with prior to the pandemic seemed to fade into the background. I stopped caring so much if I didn't do everything that I had set out to do that day and rather suddenly, had more room for gratitude, mindfulness, and authenticity. In this newfound space, I also just wanted to be more meaningful ways and more often, and sometimes for no reason at all. When life is turned upside down and you're finally able to ground yourself after being all tumbled around for a while, what do you find is important to you?

So, if you stop by EST these days to pick up your take-out order, hang out in our garden, or just stroll by, you'll notice our acts of kindness printed out and displayed in the trees, set on vibrant art by our participants. We would love for you to join us in our project! To be included and to have your acts of kindness displayed at EST, please send a short description of your act/acts to (also, we love to hear about acts of kindness received, witnessed, and done for yourself!). These actions, big or small, inspire hope, uplift others in challenging times, and spread goodness, both in our community and in our world. 

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