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Spreading S'more Love!

Spreading S'more Love!

How We Spread S'more Love in our Community

Reminiscent of long summer nights around the fire, this warm gooey delight can be emulated perfectly with our ExtraSpecialTea, S’more Love! Just like the classic summertime snack, our tea has a sweet ‘n smoky flavor that’s sure to remind you of camps, caravans, and cracklin’ fires! Here at EST we embody the very warmth and sweetness you get with the tasty campfire treat. Like its title, here at EST we brew Love in the community and only hope to spread S’more of it…The S’more, the merrier…Here’s a few thoughts from the participants here at EST on their role in spreading love in the Berkshires…

Michael L… “Doing the podcast, and loving it! I love hearing you guys talk. You get to know the people.”  Our newly created podcast, Tales from the Teacup, gives those in (and out) of our community a further glimpse into what makes this place ExtraSpecial! Check it out on Spotify: We air a new episode once a month!

Brie… “I love educating little kids because knowledge is power! And power is a protection.” Here at EST we seek to educate the community on who we are and what we’re all about. We want the community to better understand people who have special needs and bridge any gaps of misunderstanding. 

Patrick… “Through caring and kindness. We’re always there for you.” EST brews belonging! We care about our community and the individuals in it! We foster a kind and loving environment and welcome everyone who joins us with open arms. 

Lindsay… “Feels like [EST] gives the community a sense of purpose.” EST has the  desire to bring people and ExtraSpecial people together! Our community values our mission and dedication to its cause. We’re proudly a source of inspiration in our community.

Kara… “When I first started EST there would be people crying and it’s clear we’re making people happy.” People in our community are often moved by our mission and what we’re doing here. It brings us great joy to see our efforts make such an impact on not only on us, but on those around us. There are so many other people with similar stories and seeing a place like EST thrive and create so much joy has really inspired others in the community to chase their own dreams. Here at EST we believe that anything is possible. 

Sonali… “It makes the customers proud to have us in the community because if they’re having a bad day, we can make it better by cheering them up and having a cup of tea!” If you’re in need of a friend, come join us for a cup of tea. We’ll surely cheer you up! 

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