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The Yellow Door by Kara Curtin

The Yellow Door by Kara Curtin

Hello there,

Kara and Sonali behind the tea bar at ExtraSpecialTeas.

I have been working at ExtraSpecialTeas for maybe six months now. "Yellow Door” came out of a simple situation that occurs every Tuesday, and now Wednesday, where a man named Peter comes into the shop and plays piano for us. It was also a reflection of sorts for me because I am a very deep thinking kind of person. But I felt very happy to be a part of it. Everyone was so happy and we were all there together in the room, loudly singing songs and having fun together. It made me feel like we were all a family. Even though I had been there, at that time, only for a short time. But even then, I knew that I could fit here and I do. I like working at the teahouse and I feel like I can help other people through this. So I enjoy being a part of this place.


Yellow Door by Kara Curtin

There is a yellow door on the corner of the street. The atmosphere there is warm and inviting. The air smells of cookies, and voices clamor all around the walls, closed into a safety net of sorts for those of us who are different but oh, so strong. Everything that we are is okay here. The door leads home. I feel safe there. Like nothing bad can touch me anymore. It can’t get in. Enter through the door. Locked out. Unwelcome. Instead, the yellow door holds acceptance, quality and friendship. Its own beauty which the world around us needs more of. And so, we can change it. Just by being ourselves. And nothing else. And that is okay. There is respect and kindness inside the yellow door, and all are welcome here. We are free to be ourselves, regardless of what that entails, and all are seen as unique and special, no matter what anyone else thinks or says. That’s just the way it is here. The yellow door holds home, a family, a community and individuality; all within the confines of four walls, a few windows and a roof. A simple house with a little yellow door is all it is. And so much more.

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