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Update from Dan!

Update from Dan!

Dan Waite here. I work at ExtraSpecialTeas and it has been one of the best places I came to be involved in. And it feels so rewarding having gotten the opportunity to work with the staff and help out in there. This makes me so happy, just incredible. They lead me through everything I now refer to as hard earned skills. It has been one exhilarating ride. One of the projects yet to approach is preparing the backyard sitting spaces. Maybe by the time the virus issue has subsided it is possible I ought to help out in that event. Have a nice spring. Yes, I think it’s happening.  

NOTE: Donna and Dan say “Whooohooo!” Our heartfelt thanks to Berkshire Bank for their generous grant to fund programs for vocational skills training for our ExtraSpecial Servers here at the teahouse. These are challenging times and we feel honored and blessed to receive this support. Again, thank you to our friends and neighbors at Berkshire Bank. (Donna and Dan are mother and son and part of a quarantine pod.)

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