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BathBrews Collection

BathBrews Collection

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This collection of four tea-infused bath brews will thrill your friend, mother, brother, cousin, teacher - YOU. Handmade, these "bombs" offer up delicious tea fragrances that will relax and sooth.

  • Product Ingredients

    These brews are made with all-natural ingredients (baking soda, cream of tartar, epsom salt, coconut oil) and all-natural colors. The LOVE brew is made with cinnamon chai fragrance and Chai Love Tiesta Tea. The DREAM brew is made with lavender fragrance and Lavender Chamomile Tiesta Tea. The POSSIBLE brew is made with rose and earl gray fragrance and Victorian Earl Gray Tiesta Tea. The COURAGE brew is made with calm body essential fragrance and Blueberry Wild  Child Tiesta Tea.